My name is Brax. I'm a Photographer, Filmmaker, Blogger, and Traveler from the mountains of Utah Valley, Utah. All my life I've been exposed to different people, cultures, and opportunities that have instilled in me the love of travel and meeting new friends.

I was born in sunny Southern Utah, the son of a Professional Golfer Dad and Event Organizer/Administrator Mom. We moved shortly after I was born and I lived in or near Provo, Utah until I was 18 years old. At 18 I shipped off to West Virginia and Virginia to serve a 2 year humanitarian mission to teach people about Jesus Christ. I got back home in June of 2016 and bought my first DSLR - a Canon 60D with a kit lens - and haven't looked back since.

I started school at Brigham Young University, studying film, but quickly learned that organized set life wasn't for me. I switched to Journalism, all the while practicing Photography, Filmmaking, and Writing.

Now I travel the globe, doing what I love: meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and documenting every step to teach others about what a beautiful world we live in.